Ruby Fire

Book Three of the Witch Brothers Saga

by Adam J. Ridley

When forced to choose between ending his father’s curse and his fear of commitment, will Kyle embrace his destiny or will he turn away and let the world burn around him?

Kyle doesn’t believe in destiny. In fact, he’s fought against it most of his life. When his homophobic father cursed him and his brothers to never find love, Kyle decided he didn’t need it anyway. As a gay man, why settle with one man when you can have many?

Conley has never clicked with the community his ancestors created in the dimension between worlds. All this changes when he goes on his vision quest, and learns that the community’s survival may depend on him and a stranger he’s never met.

As Kyle fights against destiny and Conley struggles to embrace it, can these two men overcome the evil that stalks their journey and accept the spark of love that’s growing between them or will the darkness destroy them and everything they love?

Ruby Fire is the conclusion of the Witch Brother’s Saga… A fated mates, self-sacrifice, urban fantasy novel.