Melody of the Heart

Entrapped by his ex, life feels hopeless. Now, he has to teach a mechanic to play piano like a pro. As he fights to save his father’s beloved Steinway, he never dreamed he might also save his heart.

No one could expect Jonas to survive the humiliation of messing up his piano solo, even if he was dumped right before his performance. Now, his need for cash has ensnared him with a challenge to teach a mechanic how to play classically. But, no matter how sexy the guy might be, or how much Jonas might want to make it happen, there’s no way he can teach a man with grease under his nails to compete against the world’s best piano players!

Orlando wants no part of the piano competition when the sexy musician storms into his shop demanding he learn to play classical music. Unfortunately, always a sucker for a man in distress, he finds saying no impossible.

As Jonas and Orlando become engrossed in new styles of music, their hearts soar with the melodies they create together. The question is, will either of them survive the loss when this relationship inevitably comes to an end?

In this opposites attract, hurt/comfort contemporary romance, Orlando and Jonas must accomplish the impossible, before both lose everything they’ve ever worked for.

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