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Coming October 15

From Blake Allwood

The talents of a renowned musician and a reality TV rock singer collide in the deserts of Arizona. Can their combined success save their relationship or will family and career tear them apart forever?

Sparks fly when Ted, a member of the famous Hayden Koal band, discovers August, an aspiring rockstar, in the heat of the Arizona desert.

As August and Ted’s relationship develops offstage, they must learn to navigate the complexities of the music industry and confront the emotional turmoil of their personal lives.

When they perform at Rocktoberfest, a renowned music festival, their journey reaches a crescendo; yet their relationship is crippled by unexpected challenges.

Is success enough to bolster their fledgling relationship, or will the pressure of their careers and families keep them apart, forever?

“More Than October” is a hurt to comfort gay romance that explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of music.


The Coming Home Series

A longer series based on a fictional small town in Tennessee (my home state), being released monthly throughout 2023-24.

The Coming Home Series, explores what it means to come home after years of being away or finding home when and where they least expect it.

The imaginary Crawford City is located not far from Nashville in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It is in every way a small rural Tennessee community. Just like all small towns, Crawford City is faced with what it means to exist in an ever-changing world.

These novels focus on the lives of several individuals who have either grown up in or around this small town and left or have discovered this small town and made it their own.

These uplifting love stories show the unique approach to rethinking home and embracing their quirky southern ways.

The Coming Home Series uplifts and promotes the idea of family, relationships, and community while demonstrating how beautiful it is when someone finds their way back home.


The Coming Home Series are sweet, low-heat, Hallmarkesque novels, with no explicit sex scenes.


A note from Blake:

Not all of my readers want fantasy and of course, not all fantasy readers want romance, so, as a way to differentiate my fantasy books from my romance, I’m adding a new Pen Name for my fantasy books: Adam J. Ridley.

My novels always have a bit of a romantic twist to them, but they are not all romances and I don’t guarantee a happily ever after in my fantasy books. However, I’m a sucker for a love story, so whether you are reading my Adam J. Ridley books or my Blake Allwood books, you can expect a little love between the pages.